Mary's commission work has become increasingly popular with her flair for catching that certain look from her subjects.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

A good clear photo of the subject enables Mary to add the correct detail to the portrait.

Here you can see Mary at work with a nearly completed portrait.

The finished portrait ready for framing.


Mary manages to project personality into her animal portraits, movement into her maritime pictures and life into the delicate detail of her landscape and floral composition. With her attention to detail and use of different mediums, she is able to inject realism into her work making each one unique.

If possible Mary likes to meet her subject matter to gain a good feel for their character. This along with good digital photos taken at the time enables her to build an image for the portrait.

Sometimes this is not possible, so it is important that any photos sent are good and give clear details close up. This is up to the subjects owner to give something of the animals character (all photos will be returned).

If you would like Mary to work on a commission for you (or if you have questions) please get in touch.


How to take the best photo for a commission