How to take the best photos for a Commission

Correct Camera Angles

The most important aspect of taking a photo of a pet is to use the correct camera angles. Having your pet looking up at you can distort natural form, it is better to take your pet portrait at its level. For best results go to where they are most comfortable.


Composition is very important in photography. Try to take photos of your pets with a very simple background so that it doesn't interfere with the subject. For best results chose a garden on grass. Study your pet Is there is a certain look you want to capture? It is very important to capture the pose you love, as these special moments, show your pets personality.

Planning framing the shot:

  • Is the location/lighting suitable? (i.e. outside)
  • Focusing your Camera and Using Flash. If the photo will be taken indoors don’t forget to use the red eye setting on the camera.
  • Don't leave too much room around your pet, move in closer to get the detail.
  • Are you on the same level as the pet?
  • For a full body shot check that all limbs, ears, tail etc are within the frame).